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Farzana Suri

Farzana Suri

Farzana Suri

Company Name


Business Background

She has been an ad professional for 17 years before establishing Farzana Suri Victory Coach.

With an experience of 8 years, she has had the privilege of coaching over 5000 clients

across India and the globe.

As a Victory Coach, she uses numerology as a diagnostic tool to understand the traits of a person and integrates other techniques like coaching, NLP and graphology to inspire a victory mindset.

She’s a leadership trainer as well and has trained managers in ICICI Bank, BBC News, Google,

HDFC Life and PVR to name a few

Personal Information

She is Cat lover and lives with her cat, Wriggley who shares his sage wisdom with her.

She hails from the land of Nawabs & kababs – Lucknow.

Born into the family of poets and writers – writing runs in her bloodstream.

She’s a LinkedinLocal host for Mumbai, an avid Facebooker, blogger and storyteller.

Her Burning Desire

Is to heal the world one soul at a time.

What few people know about her

Studied to be a Chartered Accountant before destiny pulled her into Advertising and now, coaching.

She counsels prostitutes and children of AIDS -infected parents.

Her key to success

“ Making a difference is what makes me different.”


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