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For over 27 years Gemini Dhar has worked and met with an extensive range of persons including celebrities, CEOs, Industrialists, home makers and children to help strengthen their core beliefs, systems and bringing balance in their life because that is where she does her best job which in turn gives her the befitting title of being a ‘Take Charge Expert’. 

Gemini also is a fashion entrepreneur and has worked with some of the major brands from several countries including India, Sweden, London, UAE, Italy and Norway.


After working with so many professionals Gemini has been able to devise proven strategies to raise confidence and build razor sharp focus for every single person. Gemini is an extraordinary speaker whose talks empower individuals to combine creativity and knowledge to enhance their abilities.



Gemini is signature program - TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE, empowers and helps individuals unmask their potential and her TAKE CHARGE 5X FORMULAS. So let us charge ourselves with her tips. Please welcome Gemini Dhar.


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