Annual Convention

21st Annual Convention

Aspire Learn & Grow

21-23 September, 2008
20 September, 2008
Soaltee Crown Plaza – Kathmandu – Nepal
Katmandu - NEPAL
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It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all  in   21st Annual Convention of Life Insurance Round Table at Kathmandu, Nepal. The country of Nature heritage.


For  the  first  time in the  history of LIRT we have crossed Indian Boundaries for achieving the best “COMING TOGETHER , KEEPING TOGETHER AND WORKING TOGETHER”  is  the  motto  of LIRT. 


My Special Welcome to our guest speakers who have come at the cost of time for the benefits of LIRTians. They are-

Lee Clarke(u.k.), Morwenna Clarke(u.k.), Simon Gibson(u.k.), Merl Perera(Srilanka), Bhagirat Merchant, Hiren Vakil & Dr. H.C. Dhingra.


I welcome all the Managers, Team Leaders, Advisors and Agents from LIC OF India, HDFC Standard Life, Birla Sunlife, Tata AIG and Chola Mandlam.


The Insurance Agent is now expected to adapt himself to the changing environment around him. Investment linked products, Term Cover and Disability Income Insurance are not unthinkable products anymore and the agent has to brace himself up to all this. Information explosion has made the prospect aware of his needs, which change in various phases of the life cycle. He would seek solutions to these needs not through life insurance alone but through a mix-up of financial products for investing money or money squeezed out from his present consumption, for savings to meet important future needs such as higher education, provision for critical illnesses and for long drawn retirement era when he will not be earning at all or earning less.


The time has come to carry on this noble work with the sense of sharing, caring and daring which go a long way to be the financial advisors and bring glory to their career. LIRT has proved that Insurance agents are not working for the money alone but their prime object is to provide financial security and stability to one and all.   Going  back  to  the  roots  of  our  Indian  tradition,  we  find  a  motto  relevant  for  us  today.   LET SERVICE BE THE NECTAR OF MY LIFE. This proverb   epitomizes the LIRT’s   outlook. 


‘Aspire Learn & Grow’ program has been designed to equip you to meet the challenges. You will be glad to know that we have with us speakers who specialize in various aspects of Insurance and allied Financial products.


The changing scenario has brought lots of prosperity to the active agents mainly because of their excellent client relationship and creation of client delight – ecstasy which has brought many more laurels to the agents. In fact, at this very moment, a certain 77 crore proposal is completed by one of our agents.  This itself shows, there is no limit whatsoever to what we can do; what we think, we can achieve. If anyone can top us in this world it is only ourselves.  We alone can be our best friends and supporters.   


Friends, time have come to learn not only the products of our own company but also of the competitor’s. Workshops have been designed for a study of various insurers’ products, their features and the built-in benefits and their costs. This will be more a research and analysis. All insurance companies are under the umbrella of IRDA and adhere to the rules and regulations laid down for all the insurers. Agent, as we know, is the primary underwriters and therefore must be conversant with underwriting practices of the insurers.  Workshops and Apki Adalat give you an opportunity for solving many questions and bring yourself in ease for selling. Investment helps man at work by making his money at work for him, savings in various instruments and investments in mutual funds, stocks will be discussed for enriching the prospect and helps him arrive at his decisions. One Window Sale: will offer bright opportunities to an agent in multilane selling-Life/Non-life, Pensions, Mutual Funds etc.


The time has come to change us; to be proactive to change before ‘The Change’ changes us i.e. “TO PERFORM OR PERISH.” Yes friends, there are no other alternative left  for us but to bring result oriented goals which  mainly depends on our daily effective activities i.e. daily goals.


We have tried to provide the most   exquisite natural environment for you to enjoy and    be fresh daily by interacting in the most cordial and pleasant manner.


My association with LIRT is since 1990s I feel fortunate to be with our  agent friends who  have  acquired  the  status  of  legends  and who have contributed their time, money and energy to raise the image of LIRT which was and is even today the stepping stone for MDRT, COT, TOT and onwards………… Yes, onwards. The journey continues and we shall always create new milestones rather than follow the footsteps in a routine manner.


I fail in my duty if I do not put on record my hearty appreciation for the legends viz.  Pralhad Singh, P S Kochhar, J P. Saraf, Late A J Lewis, M. M. Ahuja , Jogesh Ahuja, Shibandhar , 

K. D. Agarwal, Narendra Prasad, Bharat Purohit, B.B. Goel, Nirupama Kamdar, Zeenat Jagani, Chhotalal Bhanderi, John Koshy, Atulkumar Shah, Anand Goel and many others, who have brought the glory and put the LIRT on a sound footing on the map of Insurance Industry. 


Take this opportunity and grab the best from all our participants during these 3 days. We have in this hall today 8000 days experience with all of us. Let’s enrich ourselves, “ASPIRE LEARN & GROW”.


To conclude, I once again welcome you all here and look forward to a wonderful, worthwhile, enjoyable and healthy convention.


Wishing  you all  very successful  career  and  every happiness  in  life.


Thank You.


240 Participants Attended in 21st Annual Convention at Katmandu-Nepal.

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