Annual Convention

22nd Annual Convention

Way to Happiness

06-08 September, 2009
05 September, 2009
Novotel Airport Hotel
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It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all in  this 22nd Annual Convention of Life Insurance Round Table at Hyderabad, The Hi- Tech City.

This time we are here to find ‘Way to Happiness’ for achieving the best “COMING TOGETHER, KEEPING TOGETHER AND WORKING TOGETHER” is the motto of LIRT. 

My Special Welcome to our guest speakers who have come sparing their valuable time for the benefit of LIRTians.  Merl Perera (Sri Lanka), Rani Sing Nair, Dr. T. P. Sasikumar, Gaurav Mashruwala, Somil Nagpal, G.N.Agarwal, KV Pradeep all are going to give us their best in this Historic 22nd LIRT Convention.

I welcome all the Managers, Team Leaders, Advisors and Agents coming from LIC of India and other Organisations.

Our duty is to motivate clients to help them take decisions for their Happiness. We must ask ourselves are we doing it right today. Are we successful in achieving it?  We are providing financial freedom, but are we showing way to happiness?  I hope at the end of this convention we will be in a position to take away with us a satisfying answer to this question.

 The time to carry on this noble work with the sense of sharing, caring and daring is now.   We go a long way to be not only the financial advisors but also to show way to happiness and add glory to the lives of our clients. Happiness is not something we can postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.  Therefore this year LIRT has come up with theme “Way to Happiness”.

 You might wonder why happiness is important. If you believe as I do, that happiness is a choice and a skill that can be learnt, you will also believe that it is important and possible, to Feel Good, Live Longer in good health, Solve problems easier and quicker and Look for win-win situations all around. 

Most people think success is the key to happiness, it is not.  Instead it is the other way round. Happiness is the key to success. So, being happy is something we have to learn. 

 Learning is a never-ending process, it is like karma. We must only worry about doing the job well, then we will not have to worry about business – it will just follow. Many of us here have reached milestones like MDRT, COT, and TOT but are we happy? This

program has been designed to equip you to meet the challenges. “When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.” You will be glad to know that we have with us speakers who specialize in various aspects of Insurance and allied financial products who I am sure will find us a way to happiness.

 Begin now to choose your way to happiness. Workshops here give you an opportunity in easing it.  There is tremendous power within you.  Happiness will come to you when you acquire a sublime confidence in this power.  Then, you will make your dreams come true.  I knew a man who failed in business.  He said to me, “I made mistakes. I’ve learned a lot.  I am going back into business, and I will be a tremendous success.”  He faced up to that stump in this mind.  He did not while or complain, but he tore up the stump of failure, and through believing in his inner powers to back him up, he banished all fear thoughts and old depressions.  Believe in yourself, and you will succeed and be happy. The best are not only the happiest, but the happiest are usually the best in the art of living successfully.

  It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere.  Now the time has come. Yes friends, you might have felt very happy when your child was born, when you got married, when you graduated from college, or when made a great business.  However, no matter how marvelous these experiences are, they do not give real lasting happiness – they are transitory.

My association with LIRT is since 1996 and I feel fortunate to be with our Agent friends who have acquired the status of success. The journey continues and we shall always create new milestones reinventing ourselves rather than following the already laid path.

 I fail in my duty if I do not mention our founder president and mentor, Mr. P S Kochhar, lovingly known to the family of LIRTians as PAPAJI and many other legends who have brought the glory and put the LIRT on a sound footing on the map of Insurance Industry. 

 Take this opportunity and grab the best from all our participants during these 3 days and find your way to happiness.

To conclude, I once again welcome you all here and look forward to a wonderful, worthwhile, enjoyable and healthy convention. And before I conclude let me start you with one way to happiness. When you open your eyes in the morning, say to yourself, I choose happiness today.  I choose success today.  I choose right action today.  I choose love and good will for all today.  I choose peace today.  Pour life, love and interest into this affirmation, and you have chosen happiness.  So, Act happy, feel happy, and be happy, without a reason in the world.


Thank you and Welcome all to a way of happiness.


171 Participants Attended in 22nd Annual Convention at Hyderabad.

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