Annual Convention

23rd Annual Convention


26-28 September, 2010
25 September, 2010
Intercontinental Lalit Hotel
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I am privileged to be here on the platform of LIRT on its 23rd Birthday 2010 as LIRT President and have immense pleasure to welcome you all in this 23rd Annual Convention of Life Insurance Round Table at Hotel Intercontinental The Lalit at Mumbai the Financial Capital of India; with the indifferent Theme ‘Innovation’


Here financial services professionals come and take their personal and professional lives to the next level year after year, the LIRT Annual meeting delivers inspiration, motivation and education in the form of outstanding Main Platform and break out session speakers. LIRT members possess the unique understanding that what people think and how they feel needs; they come and explain the math behind what our products do. The way members conduct themselves with their clients, colleagues and companies is why they are seen as the best of the best in the industry.


My special welcome to our guest speakers who have come sparing their valuable time for the benefits of LIRTians from different fields and areas Mr. Logan Naidu an overseas Speaker from South Africa, Mr. Vadiheesh A.- M.D. of Johnson & Johnson Medical India, Sadhu Gnanvatsaldas- Great motivator and personal Interpreter of Pramukh Swami Maharaj, Dr. P. P. Vijayan well known personality of Kerala for Mind Mastery, Dr. Bipin Pandit-Director of Mukund Hospital, Mr. A. N. Shanbhag-Investment Analyst Anuradha Bhatia-Vice president of Hindustan Thompson, Paresh Gandhi-partner of C.A. firm, Mr. Sibendu Basu from Kolkata, Lazrus Dias our friend for helping the agents to reach the professional heights and our Agents Speakers.


I welcome all the Managers Team Leaders, Advisors, Agents and Brokers coming from various Insurance Companies.


We are here for sharing and caring the innovative ideas. We go a long way to be not only the financial advisors but also to add glory to the lives of our clients. Innovation is something that we have to implement now, to change the way of working for designing the present in better way for bright future.


Learning is a never-ending process; one remains student till last breath. We have to worry only about doing our job well; the business and money will just follow. Many of us have achieved so many milestones but are we satisfied and fully happy about that achievement??


Ask yourself: LIRT convention has been designed to equip you for facing the challenges and find out your path gracefully by using Innovative methods.


My friends! We are glad and privileged that we have the speakers with us who specialize in various aspects of Insurance and financial products; it is sure that they will help us to ignite the flame of Innovation from within us.


Talking you briefly on the road LIRT has traveled since 1988 when idea was mooted in Hotel Taj Mansingh-New Delhi. It was resolved to set up Life Insurance Round Table. The Convener Mr. P.S. Kochhar(our papaji) foresee the future for training and helping the Insurance Advisors in achieving their goals. As you all know LIRT is holding its Annual Convention with the sole moto of education and parting knowledge with each other. We invite overseas speakers and learn from them and keep updated with the International Insurance and financial market. It was the unique and unmemorable event when the legendary figure Mehdi Fakherzadeh and Tony Gordon both have addressed LIRTians in 18th Convention at Agra.


We have crossed membership more than 300 which was started with 28 members in 1st convention. We are well equipped with all infrastructure. This is surely the result of team work, co-operation, commitment and prefect coordination among all committee members Piyush  Vora, Amit Shah, Raghunath Godbole, Joseph Menezes and many more..


The team work under the guidance of Past Presidents’ advisory committee Kochharsab, Bharat Purohit, J. P. Sharaf, AtulKumar Shah, B.B. Goel, K.D. Agarwal, Anand Goel, Zarsis Udhnawala, Zeenat Jagani, Shyam Sunder Palod and our CEO Nirupama Kamdar.


LIRT has its members all over India; I am an agent since 1974 and 6 times MDRT qualifier, regular attendee of LIRT since 10 years. You and I have relationships with one another so that when our clients’ needs expand or move from one location to another, we have LIRT members we can introduce them to.


The theme “Innovation” will be spoken of and deliberated by all speakers to add value to our life, navigating ourselves and achieving what we ought to.


I am sure all participants will be benefited from presentation of speakers and interaction with them as well as among themselves. I wish the convention Grand Success and look forward to Next year’s convention with large no. of Attendees and a Bigger Venue.


  Thank you.



274 Participants Attended in 23rd Annual Convention at Mumbai.

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