Annual Convention

24th Annual Convention

Perform To Win

18-20 September, 2011
17 September, 2011
The Oberoi Grand Hotel
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Ramakant Mahawar – PRESIDENT - 2011



Good Morning Friends,


It gives me immense pleasure this morning to welcome you all in the city of world legendaries Tagore, Teresa and Amartya Sen. The city of Joy, Palaces and intellectuals… The city where we have all assembled to hold the 24th Annual Convention of the Life Insurance Round Table, India at the Oberoi Grand Hotel Kolkata. I welcome you…… Theme- “Perform to Win”

Life Insurance Round Table was inaugurated on 29th April, 1988 by the then Chairman Of Life Insurance Corporation of India Mr. R. Narayanan, at a colorful function in the convention hall of Hotel Taj Man Singh, New Delhi.

Life Insurance Round Table emerged out of a dream of few dedicated agents (in 1988) who attended Million Dollar Round Table Conventions at U.S.A. since 1983. These agents felt the need of an organization like Million Dollar Round Table to establish forum dedicated to fostering high standard based on professional approach to life insurance sales and service.

Today it is an event, an agent looks forward to attend where he/she shares his/her ideas with fellow agents and go back to use in the field confidently.

As every organization grows, So has LIRT and thanks to the effort of a few selfless professionals P.S. Kochhar, Bharatbhai, Bhandariji, Goel Saab, Atulbhai, K.D. Agarwal, Zeenatji, Nirupamaji, Amit Shah, Piush Vora and whole team under an equally dynamic leadership of each president year after year till date. LIRT is responsible for introducing the MDRT culture in INDIA in the shape of LIRT and creating MDRT Agents giving the experience to those agents who are unable to attend the convention abroad.

What we learn from LIRT?

We learn to be LOYAL to Self, Customers, Our Family, Our Company and Our Profession

We learn to have Highest Integral Value among Prospects, Colleagues and Family

We learn to develop Relationship with Customers, Family, Company and Colleagues

We learn the Art and Science of Time Management and always remain a step ahead in Punctuality, Services, Providing Solutions and Solving Problems of our Clientele.


 The three & half day program offers opportunity of sharing and exchange of ideas between speakers and members at panel discussions, seminars and main platform presentations. Convention topics are chosen to help members to increase knowledge, sharpen the skills and development of self esteem.

LIRT is the premier forum for the exchange of sales ideas and techniques amongst agents from all over India gathered at the Annual Convention.

LIRT keeps members on the cutting edge of their careers as a result of participation in the educational and motivational environment, which is the paramount need today in view of widening of the Insurance Sector Horizon.

LIRT members increase their productivity as a result of exposure to ideas: Time management, Office management and Personnel management. Members receive new ideas from experts in all fields at Annual Convention. Star Agents and Twinkle Stars serve as example for members to increase their levels of production.

This convention has been organized in such a way that the participants get the knowledge and build relationship amongst the participants from each corner of India.

Every year we have a theme of the convention. This year’s theme is “Perform to Win”.

Now, What does it take to win?

Winning is Great!

Winning in Business is great because when we win, people thrive and grow. There are more jobs and more opportunities everywhere and for everyone. People feel the upbeat about the future, they have the resources to send their children to college, get better health care, buy vacation homes or go on a tour every year to some destination and secure a comfortable retirement for themselves. And winning affords them the opportunity to give back to society in hugely important ways beyond just paying more taxes – they can donate time and money to charities and mentor inters – city schools, etc… Winning lifts everyone it touches – it just makes the world a better place to live in.

When we are losing, on the other hand, everyone takes a hit. People feel scared. They have less Financial Security and limited time or money to do anything for anyone else. All they do is worry and upset their families, and in the mean time, if they’re out of work, they pay little taxes etc… So it is needless to say that we must have a positive attitude and spread it around and never let ourselves be a victim and for goodness sake – have fun.


Once again I welcome each one of you and hope that......... You will enjoy your stay in Kolkata. Proceedings would be very useful and you will have a memorable experience. This convention will be a turning point in your life and you will create history in the time to come. Next year is 25th means Silver Jubilee convention in Malaysia as Family Meet. It is a Golden feather in the cap of LIRT; The Theme-“Win and Shine” I am sure all of you present here will enroll from today for Silver Jubilee Celebration on 31st August 2012. Now I announce the house open for the 24th. Convention- “Perform to Win”


Thank You…...



225 Participants Attended in 24th Annual Convention at Kolkata.

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