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30th Annual Convention

We Are Blessed

10-12 September, 2017
09 September, 2017
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Good Morning Friends,


It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all at the 30th Annual Convention of Life Insurance Round Table, - We Are Blessed at Hotel The Kingsbury Colombo.


Life Insurance Round Table was inaugurated on 30th April, 1988 by the then Chairman Of Life Insurance Corporation of India Mr. R. Narayanan, at a colorful function in the convention hall of Hotel Taj Man Singh, New Delhi.

Life Insurance Round Table emerged out of a dream of few dedicated agents (in 1988) who attended Million Dollar Round Table Conventions at U.S.A. since 1983. These agents felt the need of an organization like Million Dollar Round Table to establish forum dedicated to fostering high standard based on professional approach to life insurance sales and service.

Today it is an event, an agent looks forward to attend where he/she shares his/her ideas with fellow agents and go back to use in the field confidently.

Life Insurance Round Table is a Professional Body of Life Insurance Advisers and Practitioners. Education, Motivation and Recognition are the three basic ingredients a Professional Agent requires to be successful in his profession and at LIRT these inputs are adequately made available.

LIRT upholds and strives for Ethical Standards and Whole Person Concept among its Members and a supreme sense of Discipline is the basic qualifying condition to be a Part of LIRT. 

Today LIRT has crossed the formidable task of holding 29 Consecutive and Most Memorable Annual Conventions and was instrumental in the creation of thousands of fine Life Insurance Professional across the Length and Breadth of Country. 

The quality of the annual conventions can be better explained by the fact that before the closure of the Annual Convention hundreds of delegates get enrolled for the next year’s Convention – no matter even if the venue is not finalized.

As every organization grows - thanks to the effort of a few selfless professionals under an equally dynamic leadership of each president year after year till date. I wish to thank all the Past Presidents till date who had put in their efforts to make this organization a vibrant one. It has been seen that the participants come here to learn and excel in their respective fields. Each participant is willing to help his fellow participant to solve his or her challenges. New ways of doing business are being used by the participants and each one gets an opportunity to share them in the form of group discussions and after the discussions the summarisation is done by the group leader so that every participant is benefited with ideas of each group. Even after the formal group discussions, participants get involved in informal group discussions throughout the conference period till they depart to their respective destinations.

Now a days technology plays a very important part in our lives and we use them in our profession too. Life is becoming easy with the use of technology and we are all using it to the extent possible. A day is not far when we will be selling Insurance policies from our cell phones only. Paperless online selling of policies are already there but we have a long way to go. Though we are moving towards paperless transactions, the personal touch is still required as insurance is a subject matter of solicitation and people like to converse before taking up an insurance policy particularly. But we have to be prepared to see that paperless issuance of Policies is not very far away.

For the benefit of new participants I would like to add that we ourselves have to be a self starter. We have to motivate ourselves to work. We should not wait for anyone else to motivate us. Though technological advancement is there, Google is there to find out what we need but Knowledge is Power and I suggest you all to read books for 2-3 hours everyday. The books cannot be replaced still. It may be physical books or e books. Our Mission in Life should be very clear. It is we only who will design our own life. Don’t read History but Create History. That is what some of us are doing.

Time Management is very important. Each one of us gets 86400 seconds everyday to use it. Its upon us to see how effectively we can use it. We have to have a winning attitude. There are three Cancers in the society - Criticising, Complaining and Comparing. We should stay away from all these and concentrate on our work. We should always think positively and communicate effectively. We have two ears and one mouth, so we should try to listen more and talk less. We have to have our own working strategy and that has to be a fabulous one.

It feels good to be noticed, It feels good To be applauded, It feels good To be an achiever, It feels good To be a champion and It feels good To be Blessed…

So start today…… Be Blessed….. Feel Blessed….. We are Blessed……

With these few words, I welcome you once again to the 30th Annual Convention at Srilanka and wish you a great stay and energetic sessions. When you go home, you will be enriched with lot more knowledge and will have new friends from all over and will definitely excel in your respective fields. Be Blessed…. Stay Blessed…..

I declare the 30th Annual Convention Open.….

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