Annual Convention

31st Annual Convention

Success is a Journey...

28 Sep-01 October, 2018
28 September, 2018
Indana Palace - Jodhpur, Rajasthan
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Success is a Journey...

Success is a journey, it is a Journey so it is a continuous process, you can say endless travel.

The excellent  example for the said quote is LIRT. An organization whose journey is  31 years young which continuing  and lots of people or Advisors have successfully carried on this journey together, the result of which can be seen in their lives or professional careers.

For me personally LIRT has been a bigger leap in shaping my career. I attended LIRT first time in 2001  and after that I had completed my MDRT within 3 months. And henceforth I have been encouraging the agents to attend  Life Insurance Round Table convention. It’s not only an organization which has given me professional development but also has taught me how to maintain relationships. Being from a small town it is difficult to get all the  market updates but it is LIRT and LIRTians who helped me for the same. I learnt how to carry on a service industry as a business model.

The speakers that I have been listening since last 18 years, have shaped and changed my professional life drastically. The main motive of me telling this is that it doesn't matter where you from a big city or a small town if you accept the change and keep the journey continue then no one can stop you from being at the top.

Being the president of the organization for the year 2018 I wish you to Grab the opportunity for getting the knowledge as much as you can by interacting with other participants and attending all the presentations  of each speaker. There is abundance of knowledge which  can be grabed from a colleague sitting next, in the convention.

My son when he attended LIRT for the very first time was astound to see the top performers of the industry being so polite and ready to part the knowledge whatever they have which is the best thing that he loved about the organization and the members.

The next three days are going to be the days that might change your professional life and way of working  as it did mine.

LIFE INSURANCE ROUND TABLE, a platform to nourish you and polish the diamond within you.

Pradip Pawar


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