Annual Convention

32nd Annual Convention

Navigating the Future

14-16 September, 2019
13 September, 2019
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Navigating the Future

Good Morning my LIRTIANS--- सुप्रभात.

I welcome you all in this beautiful city Guwahati.

Today LIRT enters in its  32nd year of age after completion of 31 years of Successful Journey.

It is rightly said that “The only thing that is constant in this world is change”, and if we do not adapt the changes we will soon become obsolete. Our theme for this year “NAVIGATING THE FUTURE” tells us to find ways to adapt with the future which will help us in growing with the coming future. The live example is Insurance Plans Old obsoleted - New introduced.

As we are experiencing in the current market that selling financial products in traditional way is getting a little difficult, that is why we need to find Innovative ways for sustaining in this situation. Also we see that competition is increasing day by day may it be products being sold online or by broker house or by banks.

Individual agents like us can’t just sell any products with old techniques  as we used to in olden days, now adays there are customised product based on need based analysis which will beneficial for agents as well as customers as there will be less mis-selling. We have seen that celebrities always wear tailor made clothes with proper fittings and perfect looks. Same would go with our clients' financial needs. We can provide them the products that fit them better after analysing all the aspects which is known by popular term called Financial Planning..

 We know that technology is taking over all the businesses, not just our field but every field or profession or business are being affected by products being sold online and comparatively at cheaper rates.

Though products are being sold online, Insurance is of such kind which needs to have emotional and personal touch, which supreme good technology cannot provide. Technology has limitations. It is unable to review  clients portfolio, it would not know if there are changes in family such as  addition of new member in family. We as an advisor can do that for better planning of our clients. But that does not mean technology is bad, rather we should use technology as complement for grow in business.

We can improve our professionalism with the help of the technology. We can provide better and faster services to our customers, technology or social media can become a boon for marketing which helps in expansion and thus with proper use of it, will Navigate our Future in proper direction.

Now coming to our organization, LIFE INSURANCE ROUND TABLE (LIRT).

An organization that has been striving for betterment of our community since last 32 years and happy to share that my journey in this field began before 32 years as well.

As I said technology or social media can be used for our betterment and hence LIRT has taken a new initiative which will promote us and encourage others by publishing interviews of the performers on BI TV Youtube. We also have presentation on online platform. Live interviews on 15th and information regarding online platform will be on 14th.

I welcome all our speakers and the spouse of our participants and assuring all the great immemorable experience. All participants become rich in knowledge and will acquire  innovative ideas,  help in growing and sustaining the business. Looking forward for Best Future with an announcement for 33rd Annual Convention on 5th to 8th September 2020 in GOA.

So I request you all to take as much benefit as you can from the coming three days and use it for future path in professional career.


---Thank You---

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