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Avisha Awasthi

Avisha Awasthi

Avisha, a name that stands for a renowned face that is known to various groups of people relating to creative fields who will testify for her signature smile in a heartbeat!
A nature conservationist, that has specialized in interior designing and landscaping, an architect that firmly believes in designing houses for sustainable living and has been providing design-related services all across India.

She’s an artistic soul with a positive approach to life who motivates her audience in finding a life they would love living each moment of, via her workshop series that go by the name of “MY FAVOURITE LIFE”; a beloved teacher and a profound leader who has guided over thousands of students in pursuing their career in creative fields from the best design colleges India has to offer; she is a design teacher for interior design & architecture students. A counsellor that specializes as parenting & life coach, an entrepreneur who is the co-founder to two successfully running startups, namely Back to Rooots and ACE creatiwitty that has been honoured with various awards including the Best Design Award of IIID Showcase in 2015 and best start-up award from Prestige Group of Institutions 2017, she also holds a Guinness World Record for the largest nail sculpture in the world!

She takes her acquired skill of green thumb to the next level in the form of Back to Rooots where she helps others in growing their own urban farm along with her son Vian, co-founder of Back to Rooots. She’s an adventurous person who can be spotted at the roads less taken.

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