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Brendan is an Irishman whose talks are packed with power and practical content. Recognized as one of Europe’s leading motivational speakers, he is a past President of the Professional Speakers Association of Europe and has worked with major companies and organizations on four continents. 

Brendan attended a total of twelve different schools where he learned his first lesson of life – adapt or fail. 

His more recent business experience covers over thirty years in sales and management, and ten years in broadcasting where he had a founding role in the UK commercial radio network.

His book, Power Selling, is a consistent best seller. 

Although he has had many titles, from Adviser to Consultant to Associate and many more, Brendan is first and foremost, a successful salesman. His entrepreneurial skills showed through at age 14 when he built his first business. He reduced his selling time by 50% whilst increasing his production by 65%, a massive increase in productivity of 230%. You can do the same by learning how to focus on one thing at a time and turn your diary into a resource.



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