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  • David Thomas brings the following experiences and expertise to the platform to deliver his speeches with passion, humour and humility:
  • Businessman.
  • Guinness Book of Records® memory record holder – recital of Pi (3.14159…) to 22,500 digits from memory without error.
  • One of only 15 International Grandmasters of   Memory in the world.
  • World Memory Championships medallist.
  • Memorised 54 packs of playing cards shuffled together getting only 100 wrong.
  • International media personality with over 100 media interviews as far afield asSouth Africa, Bermuda  and Canada .
  • Experienced international speaker – 2003 will see David do more than 100 engagements in theUK, Ireland, India, France and USA .
  • David has shared the speaking platform with such notables as Roger Black, the Olympic silver medallist and the Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke.
  • Author of book Improving Your Memory by Dorling Kindersley published in 40 countries and 20 languages.
  • Author of audio CD program Max Your Memory on how to improve your memory.
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