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Dr. Brij Bhushan Goel has been an alumni ofVaish College , Medical College Rohtak and international Foundation of Natural Health and Yoga.


For the past 18 years he has been on uncooked diet and providing free consultation on naturopathy and yoga. Earlier he wrote a book titled “Naturopathy and Yoga”, which was published a number of times. From time to time he brings out a magazine titled “Happy Life” and other literature which he distributes freely.


Dr. Goel keeps conducting seminars on naturopathy and yoga within the country and abroad too. The health level of humans is falling day by day. After viewing the situation, the urge to save the humanity from this calamity become strong within him.


He is Insurance Agent since 1971 and qualified for MDRT serval times. He also conduct study circle in Delhi  to impart knowledge and help the agents to grow in insurance field. Dr. Goel is Past President of LIRT.


The sole mission of Dr. Brij Bhushan is to educate people and enable them to be their own doctor in order to help them lead a simple, peaceful and healthy life. He wants to enlighten the spirit of natural living in each and every family.





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