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Emile Goveia is the India  Director of The Self-Management Group and is based in Mumbai. He has over 35 years of experience across all functions in the life insurance industry.

Emile started his professional career in the life insurance business with the Life Insurance Corporation of  in India 1977. During the course of his 22 years with the organization he held important positions both on the marketing and administrative side.

With the opening of the insurance sector, Emile joined Birla Sun Life Insurance in its formative stages as Vice President with responsibility for building the Agency network on a national scale. As founding member of the company he contributed substantially to the overall strategic direction adopted by the company.

In August 2008, Emile decided to pursue his entrepreneurial urge. In October 2009, he teamed up with The Self-Management Group, headquartered in Toranto, Canada . As India Director of the Self-Management Group, Emile is now working to develop and extend the Group’s expertise in “Selecting, Developing and Retaining Top Performers” to the Indian insurance market.

With an academic background in Industrial and Agricultural Economics, Emile is a Certified Coach, a corporate sales and management trainer, and key-note speaker.

Emile is a passionate believer in the “power of human potential” and the self-management philosophy. Wherever he has worked, he has come to be known as friend and mentor of the field force, whether it is field managers or agents. Innumerable “success stories” testify to his knack and passion for picking up ordinary people and getting them to achieve extraordinary results, realize their life dreams, and in the case of insurance salespeople in particular, achieve professional heights year after year.



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