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Joseph E. Menezes, was born in 1962, at Loretto, South Kanara  district of Karnataka State.  Poverty was so compelling that he had to work as daily wager from the age of 10 years to support his education and also his family.  After SSC, along with the college education, he studied Philosophy, Logic & Religions in order to become a Catholic Priest.  However, being only educated person in his family, after 9 years of priestly education, he had to quit the dream of becoming a priest.


In 1988, he came to Bombay and took up the job of a High School Teacher for a monthly salary of800/-. Without wasting much time, he got married in 1989 and became a father of a male child in 1991.  Initial stage of his career, he faced series of tragedies such as the fatal road accident within 6 months of his marriage and the death of his sister and mother.  In 1990, the premature death of his dearest sister at the age of 36 years due to brain tumor brought him into contact with Life Insurance Corporation of India .  This was the beginning of a New Life!


Being an optimistic and creative person, he faced all challenges of life and became a very successful person.  He has not only impacted the positive changes in his family and clients; but also has been instrumental in changing the lives of many insurance professionals through his articles and talks on various subjects. 


Now, at the age of 50, he only thanks God for using him as an instrument of change; and for changing his most insignificant life to success and   significance!  Rather than blaming his fate, he took responsibility for his life and worked relentlessly till his misery has been transformed into Glory. 




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