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Lee is an 18 year member of MDRT with 9 Court of the Table and 4 Top of the Table qualifications.  Lee has been in the business 26 years and deals mainly with families, having up to three generations as clients.  The key to his success, he says, is giving good service and being prepared to help his clients through ALL their financial problems, even if it doesn’t earn him anything at the time.  Lee uses real-life stories from his own experience as well as from the newspapers to help his prospects and clients see how life insurance could help them.


Products, Lee believes, are the least important part of the sales process.  First we have to be able to help clients see the potential financial problems they will face through life.  Once we have done that the product sales become much easier.


Lee has spoken at MDRT and also at Top of the Table as well as at many conferences in Europe and the UK.


Today, Lee will explain how you can use the Three P’s, to achieve premier performance and to join him at the Top of the Table.




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