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Rishbha Arondekar

Rishbha Arondekar

Rishabha Arondekar is a Risk & Financial Management professional with over 20 years of professional experience. By qualification Ms. Arondekar is M.com, & M.Phil. With specialization in accounting, taxation & financial management. Rishabha started her journey in field of financial management as visiting faculty in various renowned management institutions of central India in the year 1998-99 educating management aspirants in fields of financial accounting and financial management.


Rishabha had to take a 15 years long break from her professional pursuits after having blessed with a differently abled baby girl in the year 2002. She resumed her professional journey again in the year 2015. Now she chose to cater to different audience but field remained the same. She is one now running a successful financial product distribution company called SATS Solutions. SATS has a total AUM of INR 410 million in a short span of 5 years. She is an ace insurance professional with renowned life insurance outfit catering clients by managing their financial & risk portfolios.

Besides finance, Rishabha is a prolific debater, an active classical dancer, and an avid learner. She finds time for gardening which is her new found passion. She also counsel parents who are blessed with differently able kids. She believes that these kind of kids are senior souls who actually come to help us.

Rishabha works with, corporates, academic institutions & bodies like Life Insurance Round Table. Her mission of spreading financial literacy amongst youth has taken her to places like Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association, where she educated young cricketers to manage their early yet hard earned money.

Her mantra is the best way to manage any risk is to understand it better. 

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