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Subramanian Iyer

Subramanian Iyer

Mr. Subramanian is a renowned Sales Trainer and Management Leader. During his entire career span of 20 years, he believed in an efficient and targeted tuning of sales teams and processes. His skill lies in tapping average sales employee’s potential and making bestsellers out of the talented ones. This enhanced power provides companies with increased sales, better prices, and higher ROI.

Mr. Subramanian does not only teach sales techniques, he endows sales people with new stature, making them strong and confident equal partners in the eyes of their customers.

His organizational experience of 20 years, with renowned companies like TATA AIG, ICICI Prudential and Rolta India with notable accomplishments has enabled him, to coach the sales team of his clients in the SME sector.

As a brilliant keynote speaker on motivation and sales, he has conducted sales excellence programs as a performance consultant with Power Training Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. His profound knowledge about sales tactics is reflected in his program called “Speak to Sell”.

As a focused corporate trainer, he believes, - “Training is not an Incentive, Training must be Effective”. He boosts sales motivation, focuses on closing deals and increasing sales. This stimulates confidence, pride and integrity in the team that leads to more sales.

True to his motto of, “Eliminating the mistakes that guarantee you the failure!” Mr. Subramanian trained

SME's along with thousands of sales professionals to avoid the commonly made mistakes that lead the sales deals towards failure. And this hits the nail on the head! Sales training with Mr. Subramanian is not an optional luxury, but an important investment in the career and company of the participants. He employs his talent and experience to develop the conditioning, motivation, and performance of his trainee, to mature top team leaders. His strategic business training can lead your business to the future with a strong foundation, which eventually will deliver true and lasting SUCCESS!

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