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Here is a man with a healthy respect for authority but an overarching dislike for injustice.  Terry O’Halloran was co-author of a major report in 1977, which took him through the National Federation of Self Employed and the injustice of the class IV National Insurance tax on the self-employed to the courts in Strasbourg.  He won his cause against the British government.


This was a man in 1994 who took on the Consumers’ Association at his own cost in order to prove that injustice often emanated from those endeavoring to do most good. Terry O’Halloran honed his public speaking and debating skills in Junior Chamber but put them to good use in a large number of organizations speaking around the world on a variety of topics usually linked to his core profession of insurance but often moving out into transport and safety issues and latterly the unacceptable price of overbearing regulation. 


Described by some as a loose canon and others as an Exocet, here is an individual that finds his mark more often than not through dogged persistence and working against the odds.  When others were denigrating endowments, Terry was defending them.  History has provided him right.  When the great pension debate and the mis-selling scandal came to the fore in 1994, here was the man with his calculator, wit and acidic comment to bring the arguments into perspective.


Terry is a writer who speaks.  A prolific author of technical works on trusts, pensions, life assurance and investments but he also sallies forth into areas of general interest producing a Squadron history, 31 Squadron for which he has a passion as an ex-Air Force Engineer and delving into some of the more devious antics of politicians, regulators and civil servants, as well as castigating the media for their complicity in his book “If Only Politicians Had Brains”. 


He has led the Chamber of Commerce in Lincoln as its president, served on the executive and became vice president of the Life Insurance Association, has worked as a tutor, mentor, examiner; in the Chartered Insurance Institute, Institute of Financial Planning and the Life Insurance Association.  Terry O’Halloran is a grounded, well-rounded individual who has made his mark in local, national and international fora. 


Terry has worked with Young Enterprise as an adviser and judge to youngsters running their own businesses and is currently engaged at the University of Lincoln working with the faculty for entrepreneurship. 

A successful businessman in his own right, Terry is also currently working at the Department of Work and Pensions, the SBS and the Chancellors Office on a variety of matters as a member of the Federation of Small Businesses Policy and Taxation Committee.  He has much to say about the need to ‘earn a margin’ and the ‘blessing’ of deregulation. 


This is an academic from a different mould with a Masters Degree in insurance: lively, imaginative, incisive and bold.  If there is injustice in the air, it is Terry who will be in the vanguard, rather than the guards van, creating the correct perspective. 


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