Code Of Ethics

Members of the Life Insurance Round Table should be ever mindful that complete compliance with and observance of the Code of Ethics of Life Insurance Round Table is adhere to.

Members shall serve to promote the highest quality standards of LIRT. These standards will be beneficial to the insuring public at large and the insurers (Insurance Company).

Therefore, the members shall

  • Always place the best interest of their clients above their own direct or indirect interests.
  • Maintain the highest standard of professional competence in order to give the best possible advice to their clients.
  • Hold in the strict confidence and consider as privileged, all business and personal information pertaining to their clients affairs.
  • Make full and adequate disclosures of all facts necessary enabing the clients for making intelligent and right decision.
  • Maintain highest level of quality production while observing strict ethical standards.
  • Refraining from conduct which would cause the public to lose confidence in LIRT or the life insurance industry.
  • Refrain from replacement practices, which may be detrimental to their clients.
  • Abide by and conform to all the provisions of the laws and regulations : IRDA 2000 (in respect of obligations to the policyholders, provision of rebates and not to indulgent replacement of policies), your own company' s Agents Regulations and laws of the land in general applicable to the whole of the country.

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