Mission of LIRT


  • To be a person who is committed to follow the path carved out by his predecessor.
  • To be a person with lot of vigor and will dedicated to the well being of his fellow agent members.
  • To be a person to whom member agent's interest come always first in his heart.
  • To be a person who takes extraordinary care to see that fellow agent members get professional knowledge by attending annual Life Insurance Round Table Meeting and emerge as a distinguish personality to be admired and respected by its customers in the society.
  • To be a person who leave no stone unturned to see that Organization – Life Insurance Round table grow and glow and its impact is felt by every insurer and insurance advisors – agents in the Country and in the Country abroad.

Life Insurance Round Table is the premier, National Organization of Insurance Professionals, enhances member productivity, their services to clients and their quality of Life.

Participate in upcoming 36th Annual Convention

20 Sep 2024
21-23 Sep 2024
Holiday Inn Lucknow Airport, LUCKNOW, INDIA
[ Registration Ends Soon ] [ Limited Seats Available ]